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What do women find attractive in men?

What do women find attractive in men? If you want to know what women find attractive in men then I suggest you continue reading on…

Lots of  guys spend a lot of time in figuring out what attracts women but unfortunately a lot of them are still confused about the subject. There are tons on information out there that involves the subject of dating and most of them just make it more confusing. You will see from TV or dating guides that the secret of attracting women is to give them everything they want but in reality this is far from how it really works. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the most powerful techniques on how to attract women.

What features do women find attractive:

1. Being the Leader – Women want their partner to lead their way. They want a man who can protect them and make them feel secure. That’s why when they see guys who are strong, confident, and is the leader of their friends, they get attracted to them easily.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go to fights and be like a war freak. But when you’re having a date with any woman, be sure to plan ahead and lead the way.  Make her feel secure. She wants to feel like she doesn’t have to be a tough girl when she’s around you because you’re there to protect her.

For example, when you’re setting a date, just tell her when and where you’re picking her up without asking her. This makes you look like you’re in control and women want guys who are like that.

2. Focus on Making Her Feel –
What do women find attractive in guys that can make them feel? A lot of guys make this mistake of focusing on how to make a girl act and not to make her feel. You can’t convince a girl to like you. Remember that. So instead of focusing on how to get her number or how to get her to bed, focus on things like making her happy but not in a way that you’re giving her everything. Learn to trigger her emotions by being funny, challenging and slightly cocky. Don’t ever put her on a pedestal.

If you master how to make her feel, it is more likely that she’ll want to be with you all the time. Once you get to this state, you should still be challenging. Don’t turn into a wuss once she shows interest because that will probably make her lose interest with you and find someone who’s more challenging.

3. Social Proof – Let me ask you this question, who do you think is more attractive and respected, the one who talks to everybody and seems like the host of the party, or the one who’s just talking to air and sitting in one corner?

Yes. You know it, it’s the first one. Social proof is another important key in attracting women. When you have social proof, you are like a prize to them. When I say social proof, I don’t mean being super successful with fancy cars and a lot of money. That’s not what I mean. Social proof is simply being able to socialize with a lot of people. Learn to improve your social skills. If you’re just starting out to date women, focus on improving your skills on how to talk effectively first, before you even think of things like “she’s the one. OH NO”

The very last tip that I want to share with you is that you should develop your skills of meeting new people if you want to be really good with women. Women are normally very sociable with people especially the very pretty ones. They always get approached by guys all of the time and they always have friends to protect and be with them. That’s why I want point out with you that the very first and most important skill in attracting women is to learn how to socialize with new people.

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