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The 5 Personality Traits That Attracts Women

Knowing what attracts women is relatively easy to answer. But if you answer being nice and romantic then you’re wrong. While it’s good to be nice and romantic, it’s not necessary to be like that all the way.

The truth is, having a great personality is really what women find attractive. Now when I say great personality, it isn’t just being nice and romantic, but also being a man that has all the qualities that I’m going to discuss below.

Now listen carefully, in the next few minutes, you will learn the most attractive personality traits that attracts women.

Let’s get started shall we? Here are the list of personality traits that attract women

1. Confidence – this is probably the most attractive trait a man can have. When you’re dating a woman, you have to be fully confident with yourself. Heck, you can even be overconfident, as long as you mix it with humor. Yes, being cocky is attractive, mostly when you’re with a hot woman and when you deliver it in a funny way.

2. Humor – The second trait that you may want to develop is humor. Why? Because when you can make a girl laugh, you can get her into bed. That’s 100% true. Now like I said – mixing humor with being cocky gets you hot women, guaranteed!

3. Dominant – this is another trait that gets women easily. If you’re not naturally dominant or if you don’t want to be one, well at least be dominant when you’re having a date with a woman. Be sure to always plan ahead. Asking the woman “hey where do you want to go” and “what do you want to eat” and things that shows low value is not attractive to women.

4. Challenging – One big mistake most men do is to put their woman on a pedestal. Never ever put a woman on a pedestal. Remember this as you date your woman.

Be challenging instead. Make her work for your interest. Or at least don’t show it too early. Oh and one more thing, when you’re just getting to know the woman, don’t agree to everything she says and don’t follow everything she asks you to do. That’s what being challenging is all about right?

5. Fun to be with – Now if you can give joy to other people, you will be attractive to women. There’s no doubt here. Happiness is one of the easiest way to attract people and yeah women too. Always seek fun because women don’t want guys who are serious all the time. You know what I’m talking about, guys who only talks about serious stuff like work, family, etc. like they’re having an interview. Always have fun and live your life to the fullest.

There you have it. These are my top 5 personality types that attract women. Of course there are more to consider, but these qualities are my top most favorite.

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