My Double Your Dating Review

Hey, Matt Cosby here, and you’re about to read my double your dating review. Note that this is a review though, if you’re looking for the double your dating guide then click here: Double Your Dating

Now a quick story about me… I used to really suck with women. I didn’t know a thing about what attracts women to men. When I see a cute girl, I completely go blank and just stand still until she goes away.

I got really frustrated about my life and my ‘completely zero’ dating life, so I decided to look for ways to improve myself. I searched the net for some answers and to tell you honestly, my experience was so devastating. There were so many guide books and dating products that I bought and studied, but they were all confusing. There were guides that taught me things like ‘you should never say to a woman she’s beautiful’, and there were guides that taught me the opposite. One time I tried one of the pick up lines that were taught on one particular guide, but I just got slapped and got ridiculed at the bar where I tried the technique.

I lost almost all of the confidence I have left, but then I realized that I can’t let this happen to me. I want a happier life and I want to learn how to be good with women. So I was like in ‘I’m gonna do whatever it takes’ mode. I was desperate to know what really attracts women.

I continued to search for new answers. Eventually, I stumbled across a website called Double Your Dating. I was quite skeptical at first because as I said earlier, I bought a ton of dating products that only got me more confused. Surprisingly, I was blown away after I read Double Your Dating. David DeAngelo is not just another dating guru. His techniques were real and effective unlike other dating guides. Don’t get me wrong here, I also learned stuff from those other guides, but they’re nothing compared to Double Your Dating.

Here’s the link to the guide that changed my life: Double Your Dating

The things that I liked about Double Your Dating:

1. Developing your inner game – the very first problem that I had was my confidence. We all know that confidence is really what attracts women to men. The problem was I had so little confidence so I had a hard time dealing with women. But when I read Double Your Dating, I understood the concepts needed to just get out of my comfort zone and just do what I had to do. It taught me how to continually improve myself and my confidence even with the slightest way possible.

2. Communicating with attraction – the second thing that I loved about double your dating is his techniques on how to communicate attractively. When you read Double Your Dating, you will learn that there is some kind of second language with women that most men don’t understand. This is what David studied for years and shared in his book. One great example of this is the technique ‘teasing’. I never thought that teasing playfully is one great technique to charm women and I’m very glad I learned it because it’s so EFFECTIVE.

When you read Double Your Dating, you will learn a second language with women that you’ve never thought existed. If you really want to know what attracts women to men then I strongly advise you to master this subject.

3. Dealing with difficult moments – now this is a very big one that I didn’t see in most guides out there. What I mean by difficult moments is that when you’re meeting women, there are these difficult tests that are pretty hard to get through. One example of this is getting the girl’s number. David taught me in great detail how to get her number easily without looking desperate and needy. And that’s not all, there were also things like how to escalate things up and get her to bed.

This is just some of the good techniques that I learned from Double Your Dating and honestly, I can share a lot more (I just don’t want to bore you with all the details.)


Double Your Dating is probably the best guide out there that can teach you how to meet and date women. David has spent years developing his techniques and quite frankly, his technique to attract women is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen his techniques taught in other dating guides out there.

To learn more, click here to visit his official website: Double Your Dating

To tell you honestly, I really did doubled my dating (no, I think it was quadrupled!) For the best dating guide, I truly recommend David’s program. My life completely changed after I read Double Your Dating. I’m now continuously dating beautiful women that I had never imagined dating in a billion years.

If you really want to know what attracts women to men then Double Your Dating is all you need.

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